What is meant by SaaS

SaaS stands for Software as a Service.

It is a type of software delivery model to the end-user, where entire backend and other technological infrastructure are managed by the service provider and the end-user is provided with ready to use interface.

What are the benefits of SaaS model

The end-user (the person who is using the product for his usage) doesn't have to worry about coding or building the product. He/ She also need not worry about the nitty gritty of hosting the software. They just can login and start using the features of the software.

For end users, many a times it is also a very cost effective way

How can I build my own SaaS product?

You need a product idea and then you need to know how to code or know someone who knows computer programming. Once these two things are in place, you can say you are in a position to begin your SaaS journey.

More on this in our knowledge section. Do check that out.

Are SaaS products successful?

According to Gartner the industry is valued at USD 145 Billion. That is huge there are unicorn SaaS startups already present in the world. So yes, SaaS products can grow by huge sums. 

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How should I grow my SaaS startup?

Well this is a huge topic. This is one of the core offerings of SaaS Wisdom portal to provide you with relevant and helpful resources to help you grow your SaaS idea.

You need to go through our resources/ knowledge and blog sections.

How SaaS companies make money?

SaaS is model where companies build the entire software and host it. They provide ready to use interface for the end users. They also provide regular updates and upgrades and keep adding new features to the software.

In return generally they ask for a monthly or annual fees.

Can SaaS be built without investment?

This is a subjective question. As said earlier, you need to know how to code in order to create a SaaS product, or you need to have a friend or a colleague who knows computer programming and is enthusiastic enough to work alongside you.

All these do not require money. But you require some money to host the software. That being said, In the initial days, you can get away with less to no money. But as you grow, you may need to scale up your infrastructure and operational cost, at that stage if you may seek investment.

Again, there can be a scenario where you earn enough money to survive as well as scale, so in this case, you can avoid raising any capital.

How to raise capital for SaaS business?

This is a huge topic and is being covered by umpteen publishers. This is also one of the most attractive topics amongst the SaaS Startup communities. If we have to answer this shortly, you need a good track record of your SaaS sales. Then you can go about creating a pitch deck to pitch to investors.

The first step is to bootstrap it and prove that the idea is worth it. Please scan our resources/ knowledge section to learn more on this topic.