Quick Guide To Making Developer Portfolio

A developer portfolio is a great way to showcase your skills and experience to potential employers. It can also help you land a job or contract by giving employers a way to easily see your work.

In addition, a well-organized developer portfolio can help you keep track of your projects and show off your development process.

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Importance of Developer Portfolio 

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What should a developer portfolio include?

A developer portfolio should include a variety of examples of the developer’s work. This can include everything from code samples to completed projects. It should also include a resume and a list of the developer’s skills. The portfolio should be well organized and easy to navigate.

1. Easy-to-find contact information

2. About section

3. Relevant experience

4. Provide context

5. Relevant skills

6. Side projects

7. Documented source code

8. Education

9. Relevant social media profiles

10. Awards/special recognition

11. Downloadable resume

What next? 

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To wrap it up: How to make a developer portfolio

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